Thursday, December 12, 2013

Finished Bowtie quilt

  It is definitely not good weather to take quilt pictures.  Good weather or not, I like to share my finished Bow Tie quilt.
 The picture above is before washing and the picture below is after washing. What a huge difference it makes if you like crinkled washed quilts.
 I also finished the machine quilting on Jana's Flying Geese and I Spy quilt.
 Colorful I Spy quilt.
 I am a huge animal lover. My favorite blue String quilt went to the "hospital". Little Molly (11 months old) made a hole in my quilt. The hole is above her right little paw (blue string with white dots).
 I am so lucky, I found a small scrap of the exact blue and white dot fabric. I made a little patch and used my trusty old school clue. A few hand stitches and the hole is gone.
The patch is just below her mouth. Quilting is all about making good memories. Do you have a similar story of a quilt that went to the "hospital"?
Thank you so much for stopping by.
Happy quilting,