Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pinwheel and Charm Quilt

 My Pinwheel quilt is all done. I have not washed it yet and can't wait to throw the whole quilt in the washing machine and dryer to get soft and crinkly.
 I used every little leftover piece of fabric. I used the last few pieces of fabric in the border.
 It's always nice when I can find a matching piece of fabric for the backing. Even though this piece of fabric is dark it has the same type of teal blue flowers.
 Here's my charms sqaure quilt all quilted.
 I used that panto "Bubbles".
 In the picture below you can see I put two of the same blue fabric charms next to each other. I think it makes a quilt even more interesting if you group some colors that are the same together.
 I put an off white border on the edges. Now it looks like the squares are floating.
 I'm almost done with my Happy Hour quilt for my son. I really like the blue world map fabric.
 Here's some leftover strips for another project.
 Here's the quilt I'm busy binding.
 Happy Quilting,