Sunday, March 3, 2013

Finished Circle Quilt and more quilting and organizing

 I've been busy, done a lot of quilting and made a huge mess in my quilting room. I have a finished quilt. The Circle quilt is all done,  washed and crinkled up.
 Scrappy backing.
 I  have been quilting  beautiful quilt tops and would like to share them. Here's Barbara's Music quilt.
Border with music instruments.
 Music note backing.
 I've quilted two T-shirt quilts. This is Sheri's quilt.
 Green and orange borders.
 Yellow polka dot backing.
 Kathy's T-shirt quilt.
 Scrappy backing.
 I've also quilted two sampler quilts. Pat's yellow and blue sampler.
 White and blue borders.
 Blue backing.
 Glenda's sampler.
 Close up of a few blocks.
 Pink pieced border on the left.
 Crisp white backing.
 Glenda's baby quilt with printed animals.
 Solid yellow backing.
 I finished the quilting on my Hugs and Kisses quilt.
 The center teal block is my favorite block.
 Now with all the quilting and sewing I did, my quilting room became very messy. I'm going to spend the next few days cleaning my sewing table and organizing my stash.
 Fabric sorted in groups, I like to organize my stash by color.
 The first bin I tackled was the blue one - my favorite color.
 This looks so much better. The smaller pieces on the carpet need to be cut into 5" and 2.5" strips. I like to have at least one cutting day per month.
Happy quilting,