Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pinwheel, Day & Night and Chinese Coin Quilts

 I'm sure you all are having fun and enjoying the warmer spring weather. Three years ago I started this pinwheel quilt in yellow and teal.  
 I used every little scrap and then used leftovers to piece the border. I finished the quilting and only have the binding left to do.

 Here is a Chinese Coin quilt in red, white, blue and yellow from Michelle. I absolutely adore this type of quilt. I've made a smaller version for myself and am now thinking of making a king-size one like this for my bed.

 Here is another quilt on my wish list. This is a day and night pattern from Eleanor Burns. What's very nice about this pattern is that in her book she has a ruler. All you have to do is sew strips together then use the handy ruler to cut out the shapes.
 This is a red and white day and night quilt from one of my customers that I quilted.
 The white backing shows the quilted hearts very well. This was a wedding present.
 This is another king sized Day And Night quilt I quilted. 

 Hope you enjoy your Spring. Happy Quilting,