Wednesday, August 22, 2012

String Quilts


 I've been on a string quilt crazy phase. My half string quilt blocks are now quilted. I used a panto called Featheration. My daughter picked the pattern and pink colored thread.
 Here's another string quilt I started in red, white and blue. I used an old sheet for the foundation and white solid fabric for the center strips. These blocks haven't been sewed together just yet.
Here's the first few blocks sewn together. I like to think I'm ahead of schedule rather than a month late for the Fourth of July.
 This bright quilt was a quilt made by Jana. I quilted it with a panto called Ebb and Flow.
I made this top for the American Red Cross raffle ticket fundraiser. And here's a few pictures of how the top looks after being quilted.
Happy Quilting,