Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fun quilts and tops

 I just finished this cute little quilt. It is a free Wiggly Whimsy tutorial I found on the Modabakeshop over here. I used strips to speed up the sewing.
 I used two different white fabrics with dots for the background.
 The dot fabric is leftover from these quilts.
 The green border ties it all together with a pretty contrast to the white.
 Washed and crinkled up.
I made a Chinese Coin Runner from the last few strips.
 I think a colored binding would look nice next to the plain white borders.
 A lady from the UK asked me to turn her Texas t-shirts into a quilt. She bought several t-shirts while staying in Texas for a while. She ask for random grey sashing strips and corner stones with a pieced Texas flag on the back.
 T-shirt with sashing strips and corner stones.
 I used the blanket stitch on my machine to sew the star down.
 Finished back with flag.
 I framed the blocks with a red border and binding.
 Finished t-shirt quilt.
 I quilted another t-shirt quilt. This one is a donation fundraiser quilt for our local High School's  Project Graduation.
 I love to quilt scrappy quilts. I like to share two tops I quilted for Cathy. There is wool batting in both of her Pinwheel and Star quilts.
 Matching backing.
 Isn't this a beautiful Star quilt?
 I have been working on two of my 1930 reproduction tops. Both the Brick and 16 patch tops are coming along nicely.
 I got tired of adding these solid borders to the 16 patch blocks and was distracted by this cute pack of Marmelade charms. To stretch my charms I added a few fat quarters. I found this free Charm Plus  Moda pattern over here.
 With the Marmelade charm pack I also got this Honey Honey charm pack. I used leftover scraps from the Marmelade top and added a few more fat quaters. This is also a free Charm Tuesday Moda pattern found over here. To speed up the sewing again I sewed strips together and cut them in smaller units.
 Fast and fun little top.
Happy Saturday,