Sunday, September 15, 2013

Strings and Tumblers

I am finally done with the binding on this quilt. I washed it twice and love how it is all crinkled up.
This quilt got a special place at the end of my bed even before I was done with the binding.
I am working on a Tumbler quilt in soft pastels. The fabric gives this soft cottage look that I adore. I used the 6,5" Tumbler go-cutter die.
A friend surprised me with a bag of scraps. I immediately took out all the blue, green and yellow strings and started another String quilt.
I am almost done with the binding on the Butterfly String quilt
Happy quilting to all of you,

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lots of pretty quilts

I have been busy in my quilting room working on a few UFO's and quilting a lot of pretty tops. I realized I did not post anything for a while now and I like to show you a lot of pretty customer quilts I have quilted.
 Green and black Hunter Star quilt.
 Another green and black quilt.
 A third green and black quilt.
 Black polka dot backing.
 Grey border.
 Sally's vibrant baby quilt.
 Cute car border.
 Matching backing.
 Marinell's yellow quilt.
 Marinell's purple quilt.
 Vintage purple sheet for backing.
 Jan's blue and white quilt.
 Jan's second blue and white quilt.
 White backing.
 Pat's scrappy green, blue and purple quilt.
 Purple backing.
  Patti's blue and burgundy Irish Chain quilt.
 Julie's beautiful Sister's Choice scrappy quilt.
I have a few more quilts to show, but I will do that the next time.
 I am working on two Tumbler quilts, but I am sure you are tired of me at this moment. I will show more pictures in my next post.
Happy quilting,