Friday, July 23, 2010

Scrappy Quilts

I quilted the first two scrappy quilts for Julie. Scrappy quilts are so fun, because you get to see pieces from all of your old quilts brought together in one brand new one.
Red backing.
This is Julie's other scrappy quilt.
This border ties in the colors.
Flower backing.

Remember my last finished string quilt?
I decided to switch out that old blue quilt behind there for something new.
Thank you Zlaty for the wonderful birthday surprise. I can't wait to use the pretty bunny/flower panel and matching fabric to make a cute wall hanging.
I joined the liberated Amish group a while ago. This is my first liberated Amish quilt. I used the scraps from the waverunner quilt to make a Roman Stripe quilt.
Here are all of my blocks for it. I just have to make a border but I've gotten real lazy lately.
From going to modern looking to tradition, my taste in quilts is crazy!
Here's my handsome little baby boy, Max, right in front of the finished top. He was only outside for three seconds, but he was already panting!
Until next time,
~Millie~ :-)