Friday, May 10, 2013

Finished Charm Quilt

 The best part of quilting for me is when I have a finished quilt. I just finished this cute charm pack quilt. In the picture below is the unwashed quilt which matches so well with my daughter's orange sneakers. Orange is her favorite color, I think she has three pairs of orange shoes. She is a teenager and loves her orange shoes.
 Quilt is washed and right out of the dryer. I am thrilled at how the quilt crinkled up after the first wash. This one has Hobbs 80/20 cotton batting like most of my quilts. 
 I am glad I went with a solid red binding. Love it!.
 Just for fun a few pictures of the quilts on my bed. My favorite string quilt with the yo-yo quilt at the end of the bed.
 I love this yo-yo quilt and I'm thinking of starting another one. I sewed random yo-yos on a quilted white piece of fabric. It is fun to make the yo-yos with the yo-yo maker.
Happy quilting until next time,