Friday, November 12, 2010

My Blue and Green Quilts

Blue is my  favorite color.  I would like to share a few of my blue and green quilts. The first quilt  is  blue and brown.  I love geometric shapes and enjoy making quilts with squares. Almost every quilt  I  made has had some kind of polka dot fabric in it.
This quilt has these cute blue and brown dot fabrics.
 I like the brown backing.
 This is another favorite quilt of and green pinwheels. I added some yellow to the cool colors.
I have washed this quilt so many times and  it is getting softer with every wash.
Blue backing to match the blue pinwheels.
This is the very first quilt I made after I got my AccuQuilt Go cutter.  Once again I added some warm colors to the cool green Stretched Star Quilt.

Green and yellow flowery border and binding.
Another blue quilt with yellow.
This one got a touch of brown chenille next to the first border.
I love to use my scraps to make String Quilts.  This String Quilt has green sashings  and the same light green in the border.

I  ran out of the light green fabric and used a darker green for the binding.
Marjie pieced this blue table runner and I did the quilting for her.  We used my Go cutter to cut the Rob to Pay Perer Paul blocks. I hope you enjoy all the blue and green quilts.
Happy Quilting!