Thursday, June 10, 2010

A good old stipple/meandering

I love a good old stipple or meandering. And it goes with every quilt...from traditional to modern to t-shirt quilts.

Rhonda made this purse and bag quilt for her 13 year old cousin. This is the second quilt she made. She used her cousin's old dance costumes to make the purse and shoe blocks.

I had to free-hand the stipple around the appliqued purses and shoes.

A close up picture of some of the cute bags and shoes.

Teal and black borders.

Zebra backing.

Busy t-shirt quilts always turn out well with a stipple. The next 2 quilts I used a stipple freehand work on these quilts!!!

It is always fun to look at all the different t-shirt and picture blocks.

Border and corner detail of quilt.

Red backing.

Do you see something under the quilt?

My son made him a sleeping spot before my longarm!

Sharlene made this Winnie the Poo machine embroidered quilt. She asked for a plain stipple quilting too.

Muslin backing...a favorite fabric of mine for a backing

Have you ever got something new that made you too excited to sleep? We went to Lowes one day and picked up pantry shelves to put all my quilts on. The baskets were on sale but they only had 6 out of the 9 brown baskets that I needed so I just picked up 3 blue and brown striped baskets. I thought it made it look more interesting. On the top shelf I have the quilts waiting to get back to their owners.

In these baskets I have all the unfinished quilts, batting, and thread.

I decided to keep these old baskets here for a while... Just to remind me of my own UFO's so I don't get too wrapped up in customer quilts.

Happy Quilting!