Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bar and Cake Mix Quilts

I am so happy to share that my Bar Quilt  is finished, all washed up and crinkled just the way I like my quilts. The quilt is over 100" wide and long and I thought I would never get the binding done with hand sewing.
 I want to show two quilts I quilted for my dear friend Sallie. The first one is a red, black and white quilt.
 The red makes the black and white fabrics pop.

The backing is a black and white fabric with red hearts. 
 This is a pink and green Cake Mix quilt.
 The pink and green border bring all the colors together.

The pink and green backing is not from the same collection as the layer cake and jellieroll, but a good match. 
 This is a Cake Mix quilt I made for myself and it is hanging in my quilt room on the wall. Although it is the same pattern, but with the different fabrics the two quilts do not look alike. And that is the fun of quilting, you can use the same pattern over and over and make it new each time by using different fabrics.
 Happy Quilting and Stay Warm,