Saturday, November 2, 2013

Giveaway (Go cutter 1", 1,5" and 2" fabric strips)

Thank you so much for all the comments. This give away is now closed.
The winner is Muddling Through. Elaine said: "Millie, you are the sweetest. I have wondered about the go strip cutter and am glad to have your opinion. I need to make a coin quilt, that is one I haven't done yet".
I wish I could give everybody something.
 I got a new Go cutter die to play with. It is the Go Strip Cutter 1", 1,5" and 2" die.
 I like to have a two day give away. 
6 yards of Christmas/holiday fabric cut up in 1", 1,5" and 2" strips can be yours.
I had so much fun with this new Go cutter die. I took a few yellow, blue and purple pieces from my stash and cut it up in the strips. It went so fast and the strips are very accurate.
 I also cut a few 2,5" strips from the same fabric as well as white sashing strips. Do you have a Go cutter die wish list? I do and the Go Cutter 2,5" die is on the top of my wish list.
 I made a Chinese Coin quilt from my strips. Not only was the cutting fast, but the sewing too.  I love Chinese Coin quilts. I quilted the top with a flower and leave panto.
  I cut about 6 yards of Christmas, red and green fabric in strips. I love my Go cutter. I will add the strings in a pink baggie for a String quilt. If you like to enter for this giveaway, please leave me a comment on this post.
I think these strips will make a beautiful Chinese Coin, Spiderweb, Rail Fence, Roman Stripe or Bento Box quilt. The strips are also perfect for a String quilt. Thank you so much for stopping by at my blog and good luck. I will pick the winner Monday.
Happy quilting,