Friday, December 20, 2013

Two finished quilts

I finished two new quilts. The first one is this jelly roll quilt I started more than a year ago and the second quilt is a fast charm square quilt. I really like this jelly roll quilt. Not only do I like the colors and the design, but I also like the simple white border and colored binding. I washed the quilt twice and it is becoming softer with each wash.
I had just enough of this green flowery fabric for the backing.
Here is my other finished quilt. I wanted to make something for the winter season and it had to be a fast pattern. I sewed together charm squares, most of them are Christmas and winter snowflake prints. I also added a few random squares to break up the green and red Christmas pallet. I wanted a quilt I can use after Christmas too.
I pieced several pieces of brown and tan fabric together to make the backing.
The quilt is bundled up under my gingerbread Christmas tree.
The neutral cream border and the peach and blue charm squares make the quilt usable for Christmas and winter. 
Dear husband's golf clubs behind the chair. I dare not move his precious golf clubs.  In exchange he tolerates my ever changing decorating style. I try to stay with a "less is more" approach, but often I can go overboard with my quilts and decorating.
Wishing you all a merry Christmas and happy new year.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Finished Bowtie quilt

  It is definitely not good weather to take quilt pictures.  Good weather or not, I like to share my finished Bow Tie quilt.
 The picture above is before washing and the picture below is after washing. What a huge difference it makes if you like crinkled washed quilts.
 I also finished the machine quilting on Jana's Flying Geese and I Spy quilt.
 Colorful I Spy quilt.
 I am a huge animal lover. My favorite blue String quilt went to the "hospital". Little Molly (11 months old) made a hole in my quilt. The hole is above her right little paw (blue string with white dots).
 I am so lucky, I found a small scrap of the exact blue and white dot fabric. I made a little patch and used my trusty old school clue. A few hand stitches and the hole is gone.
The patch is just below her mouth. Quilting is all about making good memories. Do you have a similar story of a quilt that went to the "hospital"?
Thank you so much for stopping by.
Happy quilting,