Wednesday, March 3, 2010

T-shirt Quilts

T-shirt quilts are so popular and I quilt a lot of t-shirt quilts for other quilters. This first t-shirt quilt was pieced by Sherri for her daughter. As her daughter got older, the t-shirt blocks grew bigger. All the small blocks are in the first row and the blocks are bigger towards the last rows.

We both decided on the panto Curlz in a brownish pink colored thread for her daughter's t-shirt quilt.

Green and pink batik border.

Pink batik backing.

Sherri made the next t-shirt quilt for one of her sons.

This t-shirt quilt got a green batik border.

Close up of some of the blocks and the quilting in a tan colored thread...I used the panto called Fossil.

Green scrappy batik backing.

I have quilted another t-shirt quilt with a blue batik border and backing for her other son, but lost the pictures. She added these cute stuffed animals on the children's quilts.

Close up of the stuffed lizard and giraffe.

Now this t-shirt quilt was pieced by Margie for one of her church friends. She used her friend's church t-shirts and turned it into a beautiful quilt top with a white border.

Deb's Swirls panto is the panto I used most of the time on t-shirt quilts. This panto always quilts out so beautifully on the t-shirt sticky, printed pictures.

Blue backing with doves.

Happy Quilting!