Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last Minute Quilts

  This year has flown by! I can't believe it is almost Christmas again.
 I've been busy with a few last minute quilts. 
I quilted the first quilt for my dear friend Carolyn. This is a Christmas quilt with the cutest Christmas fabrics. My favorite fabric is the blue with white snowflakes. The backing is a cute green fabric with white dots.
 I also quilted  this scrappy Bow Tie quilt for Carolyn.

 Orange back goes nicely with the fabric.
My longarm and sewing machine decided both to get sick and took away all possibilities of  me sewing and quilting. I  got replacement parts for my longarm today and I just got my sewing machine serviced right in time to finish the binding on Carrie's t-shirt quilt.  
 I quilted Carrie's t-shirt quilt just before my long arm caught the flu. 
For her daughter, she used light pink sashings and darker pink cornerstones.
 "Steam-a-seam"  is such a great help when you run out of time and have to finish a binding quickly. I press the "Steam-a-seam"  on the folded edge of the binding. 
Now I sew the binding on the right side of the quilt with the "Steam-a-seam" facing upwards.
Peel the paper part of the "steam-a-seam" off and press the binding on the back of the quilt. I found for me it was easier to sew the binding down with the right side of the quilt facing up.
Finished binding with blue backing. I used the leftovers from the backing to make the binding.
This year I feel behind on my Christmas shopping because I'm only 90% done. How are you guys doing on your Christmas shopping?

I hope you all have a happy holiday break.