Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mary Holly got a new home!

 This here is Mary Holly in her first house, made by her mommy Samm. Thank you so much for sending her to me, she is absolutely adorable and I love her cupcake dress! The picture below is her in her new house where she can watch me sew and cut fabric.
Samm is a wonderfully talented lady. She got us all excited about mug rugs and now she's making tea cozies. Did you know she's also the author of "I Want It All", a book based on "thinking about food in a natural way". She and her husband are registered nutritionists and have written a fantastic book that has secrets on how to lose weight the healthy way. I have started so many different diets that have all failed. Hopefully this will be the one. Thanks Samm for the nice gifts. 
 I just finished the quilting on this t-shirt quilt. I used my favorite panto Debb's Swirls.

 I'm busy squaring up the quilt. What a small space to work with! This area is not only my sewing table but it's also my cutting and Go cutter table.
 I have a pretty large dining room table but I'm too lazy and pressed for time to take my cutting boards all the way downstairs. It has it's ups though... I can only make one spot a mess at a time.

 The backing has a red fabric with white hearts and its leftovers were used for the binding.
Happy Quilting,
Millie and Mary Holly!