Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wonky Butterfly and Rail Fence Quilts

 I have been working on two of my UFO's. The first quilt is a wonky butterfly and a four patch quilt for my youngest daughter. I made a border from the leftover scraps.
 I used one of my old cotton sheets as a foundation for the border.
 I really like how the quilting turned out.  I used a panto called "Bramble" from Kerryn Emmerson.

 I had this yellow and purple fabric in my stash and it is perfect for the backing on this quilt.
 I just finished the quilting and binding on my wonky Rail Fence quilt.
 I used a panto called "Hurricane" for the quilting. It gives such a nice movement on the plain background fabric.
 I had a huge piece of purple fabric and used it for the backing. I love to use what I have in my stash for backings.
My scrap boxes need some work, overflowing with leftover backing fabric and batting. I cut off all the leftover batting from the backing and organized in two different bins.
I am so ready for another string quilt.
Happy Quilting,