Saturday, March 12, 2011

Quilting Fun

A few days ago my computer died so now I'm writing from my DH's laptop. The kids will be home this week for Spring Break so I'll be busier than normal. I've downloaded a few photos from my camera on this laptop so I'd like to show you some pretty quilts I've been working on.
Lately, I've quilted a lot of sampler quilts. This one here is pink and green with a very funky, interesting layout pieced by Nancy. I love the way it's twisted. It brings a fun element to a traditional sampler.
She picked a white backing which shows off perfectly the quilting. The only problem is it will show off perfectly every quilting mistake as well.
I quilt at least one t-shirt quilt a month. This t-shirt quilt was pieced by Sally.
The next two baby quilts were by my friend Carolyn. This one is a blue and green start quilt with a polka dot background! I love it.
A zig-zag blue and brown quilt for a baby boy who hasn't been born yet.
My most favorite quilting pattern of all is a Stipple. A tan backing. (Another close up of the lovely polka dots)
Another baby girl quilt, pieced by Carolyn's sister, Sally. I love the pink embroidery heart with the cute curlies.
Little Payten, whose not born yet, has her name embroidered. Polka dots everywhere! In the pink backing
 and background this time.
The last quilt is a red scrappy Bear's Paw quilt pieced by Janice.
A very eye-catching border treatment.
Thank you so much for stopping by and Happy Quilting,