Friday, October 21, 2011

Chinese Coin Quilt and Stipple Quilting

 I wanted to make something for fall from my scraps. I bought several of these fall prints with sunflowers and birds about five years ago.  It was time to cut the fabrics up and use them in a quilt. I picked a few orange, yellow and green scraps, but had to add blue which is my favorite color.
  I used every bit of the leftover novelty fabrics for the backing.
 Here is my washed quilt. I used a 100% Hobbs Cotton batting.
 The muslin crinkled up so nicely.
 I also would like to share a few quilts I quilted for customers with stipple or meandering. This is an old antique quilt. The top is handpieced and a lot of the triangles came apart and had to be fixed. I used a high loft poly batting. It is a challenge to quilt old antique quilts, but it is worth the extra time to finish these authentic beauties. The crooked rows add charm to the quilt.
 This is Sallie's Bulls Eye quilt - a block exchange quilt.
 This is a  raw edge applique quilt. I used press and seal on the top to keep the edges down while quilting.
 Press and seal is taken off and quilt is ready for a binding.

 Marinell's Charm Square Reproduction quilt.
She used a very soft old sheet for the back, which goes perfectly with the top.
 Terry's green quilt with a wool batting for a family member in the Netherlands.

 She pieced all the leftover fabrics together for the backing.
 I quilted two lovely hand stitched quilts for Julie. The first quilt is for fall.

 And this beauty has pieced baskets and hand embroidered flowers.

 This is Elaine's Western quilt with machine appliqued boots.
 Cute red and blue bandanna fabric.

 The last quilt with a stipple is Rhonda's t-shirt quilt. The purple t-shirts form a cross.
I am working on her black binding.

This is the latest project I'm working on - a simple charm square quilt framed with  sashings.
 I hope you enjoy all the quilts with stipple quilting. I think a good stipple goes well with any quilt from modern to traditional, pieced to embroidered quilts. Enjoy the fall weather and happy quilting!