Monday, November 1, 2010

You might get jealous

I'm going to warn you...this post might make you jealous. I won these wonderful fabrics from Madame Samm (MS) over at Sew I Quilt and Stash Manicure. I love the colors and there are so many polka dot strips. I think I have at least one polka dot fabric in every quilt I made. She also gave me this cute notepad and blue hand warmers which she made herself. Thanks Madame Samm, you are the best and so generous.
I started an Apple Core Quilt. I used my AccuQuilt Go cutter to cut the apple core blocks. The Apple Core project went back in my closet and I started a scrap quilt from my new scraps.
I imediately started to work on my fabric from MS and made a few scrappy Log Cabin blocks. In the package there was all of these perfectly cut 2" x 4" rectangles . I used 4" white squares for the middle blocks. I have not decided on how big I am going to square up the blocks. I am also not sure if I am going to keep the middle blocks white or make them scrappy. White or scrappy, what do you think?
A few weeks ago I got this Candy Table Runner pattern from Zlaty and a cute orange scissor holder from Darlene in the mail. Thanks Zlaty and Darlene. Aren't quilting bloggers the most generous people?
One of the quilts I made is on the Stash Manicure banner for November. If you are looking for stash ideas, Stash Manicure is the place to go.
Happy Quilting!