Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cat Quilt and a few more

Madame Samm mentioned it is relaxing to her to hand quilt. For me...give me my big longarm and I get rid of all my stress.
Maurice is a new quilter and this kitty quilt, is the second quilt I quilted for her.
"Bubbles" is one of my favorite pantographs and gives the quilt such a good texture and movement.

Maurice shared her love of quilting with her daughter-in-law, Dorothy. This is Dorothy's very first quilt. She picked "Meandering Daisies" for the quilting panto, another favorite panto of mine.
All the four patch blocks and the ones with triangles are three dimensional.
I use my old trick, "press 'n seal" to help me keep the pieces down so I can quilt over them.
The three dimensional block is quilted and I did not quilt in any tucks.

Light pink border.
Bright pink backing.
Another t-shirt quilt pieced by Sally. I quilted a batik quilt for her with "Bubbles" and immediately she said she want the same "Bubbles" on the t-shirt quilt.

Happy Quilting