Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blog Makeover

I have a new blog makeover and I love my cute button. All the credit goes to Madame Samm over at Sew I Quilt. She is also the lady organizing Stash Manicure. She took my blog and made all these cute designs just for me. I feel very blessed and I absolutely love my new blog makeover. She is one talented lady and you will love her blog. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank her for all the work she does behind the scenes at Stash Manicure.
I changed the quilt out in my quilting room. This one is called Cake Mix. It is made from a layer cake and a jellyroll.
I have these wrought iron wall sconces beside the quilt.  The candles are flameless and on a timer. I spent so much time in my quilting room and I love all the girly touches.
Here is my clock to remind me how late it is...and it is in black. And the candle in the wrought iron teapot is flameless too. It is not glowing , because the batteries died.  Oops!
Happy Quilting until next time!