Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mary Holly got a new home!

 This here is Mary Holly in her first house, made by her mommy Samm. Thank you so much for sending her to me, she is absolutely adorable and I love her cupcake dress! The picture below is her in her new house where she can watch me sew and cut fabric.
Samm is a wonderfully talented lady. She got us all excited about mug rugs and now she's making tea cozies. Did you know she's also the author of "I Want It All", a book based on "thinking about food in a natural way". She and her husband are registered nutritionists and have written a fantastic book that has secrets on how to lose weight the healthy way. I have started so many different diets that have all failed. Hopefully this will be the one. Thanks Samm for the nice gifts. 
 I just finished the quilting on this t-shirt quilt. I used my favorite panto Debb's Swirls.

 I'm busy squaring up the quilt. What a small space to work with! This area is not only my sewing table but it's also my cutting and Go cutter table.
 I have a pretty large dining room table but I'm too lazy and pressed for time to take my cutting boards all the way downstairs. It has it's ups though... I can only make one spot a mess at a time.

 The backing has a red fabric with white hearts and its leftovers were used for the binding.
Happy Quilting,
Millie and Mary Holly!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Quilts as Christmas gifts

Are you getting ready for the holidays?  I have not taken any Christmas decorations out. I love this red and white Churn Dash quilt I made a few moths ago. I can't wait to start decorating for Christmas. Did you notice my banner has a Christmas touch to it?...thanks Samm.! She is such a talented and sweet lady.
 This is a cute Christmas Irish Chain quilt pieced by Cindy. I quilted her quilt late one evening last week and I do apologize for the dark and blurry pictures.

 Panels are such a great idea for last minute gifts. I like to show a few panels I quilted for Marinelle.
 The first one is an Angel panel.

This is a nativity panel.
A cute panel for a red, white and blue theme for a beach house.

 This one is definitely for a hunter or will be so cute in a Log Cabin home.

There are so many cute baby panels in the quilt shops. I gave these two quilts away.

I used these soft Minkee fabrics for the back.
Happy Quilting until next time!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Orange and Yellow Quilts

 I love to visit blogs for inspiration, but for me it is also relaxing to read quilting blogs. I have made so many wonderful quilting friends. A few weeks ago I saw an Orange Square quilt on Madame Samm's blog and it was also on Jodi's blog. I absolutely fell in love with the quilt and had to make my own Orange Square quilt.

 This is how my Orange Square Quilt turned out. For the quilting I went with a meandering or stipple.

 Our trees finally started to loose their leaves and it is looking like fall. I think we can get so many great quilting ideas from nature. The yellow leaves inspired me to show a few of my orange and yellow quilts.

 This was a fast and quick little quilt to make. I took a few 2 1/2" batik strips and sewed them together.

 Another batik quilt with orange and yellow, I had to add a few purple strips just for the fun of it.

 I am always working on a String quilt from my leftovers.  It is so relaxing to me to sew these strips...I do not have to match seams or sew a perfect quarter inch seam.
 To go with my yellow post...a string quilt with a yellow border and back.

 This is my orange Go cutter table runner. I use a lot of 2 1/2" strips for my quilts and it would be nice to have a 2 1/2" Go die to make the cutting faster.  AccuQuilt is going to have a huge Black Friday Sale which starts on Wednesday. They are going to have the lowest prizes on some of their Go cutter products.  I hope the strip set will be one of them.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving week! I know I will take time off to work on my own quilts...can't wait!

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lissa's Quilt

Lissa is home and she got her quilt. Jane organized Lissa's quilt and she did such a good job getting all the 4 patches in.  Mel volunteered to piece the top and I volunteered to quilt her quilt. Mel did an excellent job with the piecing. I had so much fun quilting Lissa's quilt and I am so glad I could be part of this beautiful quilt. I took a few pictures of the quilt.
This is the scrappy backing made from the leftover squares.

 A few of the signatures and messages on the back of the quilt. Please visit Mel and Jane's blog to see Lissa and her quilt. She look so happy to be home!
I want to show two quilts I quilted.  The first one is for Kim. It is a black and white quilt with appliqued flowers and rick rack.
 I love the words she put around the quilt: achieve, laugh, imagine, believe, live and dream (things we should do everyday).

 White polka dot backing.
This is my dear friend Jan's quilt. She asked me to quilt her quilt in black thread.
 These are all civil war reproduction fabrics.
 I really like the black paisley border.
 She also surprised me with an early Chrismas gift.  As a quilter, I love to get fabric. Who doesn't?
 The fabric is so pretty folded with the black ribbon, it is almost too pretty to open.  I have it on the shelf above my sewing machine...now I can look at it all the time. Thanks Jan!
Happy Quilting!