Monday, February 21, 2011

Postage Stamp Quilt again

 My Postage Quilt is squared up and the binding is on. I am busy hand sewing the binding down.
I love sitting next to the window with a cup of  tea or coffee and working on bindings.
 I got this pretty tea cozy from Madame Samm. It is so beautiful and keeps my tea or coffee warm for a couple of hours. Thanks MS.
I quilted this Postage Stamp Quilt for Cathy. She made the top a few years ago and used her scraps. Isn't it a lovely scrappy quilt?

 Last week I had the opportunity to quilt this old top pieced in the 1930's. This quilt has the real 1930's fabrics and  the fabrics are in such a good condition.  Even the bubble gum pink fabric is so bright and did not fade over all these years.
 All the fabrics in this beauty is old, except for the new muslin backing and batting.
 Happy Quilting until next time,