Friday, March 18, 2016

Happy Spring decor

Happy spring to everybody.  I love the spring season, the pastel colors and seeing new green leaves and pretty flowers growing. I only added a few spring touches to my green decorations. I bought a   pack of felt bunnies at Target and pinned them on the green garland. I also added a bunny scrapbook paper in the picture frame.
The last white felt bunny found a home in the basket with hydrangeas.
I got this cute bunny garland also at Target.  I adore seeing the bunnies with their fluffy tails in the kitchen window.
The basket with cloth carrots I made a few years ago is on the kitchen island.
I love to garden.  The bottom picture is a new peachy yellow  rose I planted 2 weeks ago. Lately I've been really into peach or coral and yellow color combination.
My daughter and I went to Hobby Lobby.  I love the color combination of green with yellow, peach and white so much I had to take a picture.
We took the red wreath down and made a peach and white wreath for the front door. No animals were harmed in the photo shoot. hehe
I didn't change a lot on the mantel. I only changed the clover scrapbook paper for a yellow bird and flower paper. I wanted to add more yellow.
I borrowed the yellow flowers from the kitchen and it looks very pretty on the mantel now.
And a yellow pillow.
Happy spring to every one and happy quilting,