Friday, May 7, 2010

What will I do without my longarm?

My longarm was down for 2 and a half weeks while I was waiting for a machine part. It felt like two months! It was a nice, little vacation but I kept worrying about becoming too behind.

But I'm quilting again and I realized I am lost without my longarm. I finished the quilting on Innell's batik quilt.

Scrappy border.

Scrappy backing.

While I was waiting for the machine part, I worked on a string quilt for myself and a few customer T-shirt quilts.

Did I use the time to clean my home? NO...I noticed on the picture above and below all the dust on the black picture frame on the wall. I am going to use the yellow flower fabric for the backing, it is a very old piece of fabric I have had for a long time in my stash.

Jenny's first T-shirt quilt is all done.

Black border and backing.

I pieced Jenny's second T-shirt quilt and made a scrappy backing from the leftover clothing.

The beginning of Kelli's T-shirt quilt with random size blocks.

Happy early Mother's Day to all the mothers out there.

Happy Quilting!