Thursday, January 23, 2014

Disappearing Four patch quilt

 The cold weather is perfect for quilting and hand sewing. My oldest daughter wanted to make a quilt for her grandmother. She made this Disappearing Nine patch in 1930's reproduction fabric. The picture below on the left side is my quilt (more picture over here and here) and on the right side is her quilt. I cut her four patch blocks in bigger strips. We used the same quilting pattern on both quilts.
Below is more pictures of my daughter's quilt. I am sure my mom is going to love her quilt.
 Pink backing with a blue and pink binding.
Another picture with my washed quilt on the left and her unwashed quilt on the right. I love my quilts washed and wrinkled.
 I love my 1930's reproduction fabric. I have this one quilted and need to do the binding.
I am working on my zig-zag quilt's binding. I used some purple left over backing for the binding.
Thanks for stopping by and happy quilting. Do you have a special quilt project you are working on? I am currently working on a pink, purple, and green string quilt.