Friday, December 21, 2012

String Quilts again

I am done with the quilting on my enormous king size red, white, and blue string quilt. The binding will keep me busy for a very long time.
 The next two quilts I quilted were pieced by Kim for her first granddaughter.
Blue soft minkee fabric for the backing.
This is the second baby quilt with her initial "L".

I quilted this circle quilt for Angie. I like the random hand sewn circles on the quilt.

 Marinell's red and white quilt.
The red and white backing is perfect for this quilt.
Another quilt I quilted. It is a modern twist on a traditional pattern.

 I finished the binding on the blue string quilt and the 1930's Disappearing Four Patch.
 I have the blue string quilt at the bottom of my bed.
 A Roman Stripe String quilt is on my bed.
 String quilt is soft and crinkled after the first wash.
 Washed 1930's quilt.

 Three yo-yo's in the corner to cover up a mistake. 
I cut into the border while squaring up the quilt up. Oops!
 Happy Quilting,

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dissapearing Four Patch Quilt

Carolyn, a very good friend of mine shared a disappearing four patch tutorial with me. I googled images of disappearing four patch quilts and came upon all these great quilts and tutorials over here. I  had to make one for myself in 1930's fabric.
I was so excited when I made and cut the first block above re-arranged the pieces below to get the first disappearing four patch block.
I already finished the quilting and absolutely love this quilt.
I add a green border to frame the blocks.
This blue plaid fabric is from my stash which I used for the backing.
Carolyn is an excellent quilter. Her quilts are striking like this 1930's quilt she made for her daughter. She sewed 2 1/2" strips together without a border.
I used a Feather panto for the quilting.
 I also had the opportunity to meet Carolyn's sister Sally,who is also an excellent quilter. She made this stunning t-shirt quilt. As you know, it is not that easy to sew a t-shirt quilt and the quilting can be challenging.
I used my favorite "Deb's Swirl" panto for the quilting. This pattern does not have any over or backstitching which can be a nightmare on t-shirt quilts.
Pieced backing.
Another t-shirt quilt I quilted for Cathy. It is a pretty chearleading t-shirt quilt. Now that the quilt is quilted, she is going to handsew the chearleading uniforms unto the open red blocks.  I think it is going to be beautiful.
This quilt made of pink, teal and black squares are pieced by Tonya . This is her very first quilt which she made for her teenager daughter for Christmas.

The black and white backing matches all the new shabby chick furniture in her daughter's room.
I used the leftover backing for the binding.
Another quilt for a teenager girl pieced by grandma  Janice. This is a Connecting Threads kit and it is beautiful. I like the brown bricks with all the green and brown batik fabric.
Matching teal batik backing.
I have a few more quilts to show and will do that in another post. 
Happy Quilting,

Monday, November 12, 2012

More fun with strings

 More fun with strings...I finished the quilting on this string quilt. I enjoy looking at all the different strings from my previous projects.
This is truly a scrappy quilt, even the back is scrappy.
I am glad I used a plain simple muslin border to frame all the busy string blocks.
I have been working on my red, white and blue string top for a few months. A few weeks ago I added two solid blue borders and finally I finished the sewing on the last two borders.
 Now these blocks do make my eyes spin, but I hope with some simple quilting the quilt will not be too wild.
Hope you had fun with my strings. It is time to start something new, but I like to finish these two string quilts before they get "lost" in a box for another month or two.
Happy quilting,

Saturday, September 15, 2012

More String Quilts

I have been digging into my string bin and is busy making a few more string quilts. Blue is my favorite color and my blue scrap box is overflowing with strings. I made this Rectangle String Quilt using Mary's free pattern here.
 These string blocks went a lot faster than my normal square string blocks.
 Blue backing.
I started this red, white and blue string quilt long before I started the previous blue string quilt which is now quilted too. Here I am busy adding a solid blue border.
 This is another string quilt I am working on...this is a wild quilt. Every piece of scrap is going in this quilt regardless of what color it is.
 I quilted my daughter's batik string quilt. She wanted leaves on her quilt.
 Scrappy backing.
 Remember my half string quilt blocks? is an oversized queen quilt. I am working on the binding and it feels like I am never going to get this one done.
Hoping you all have wonderful week and are having fun with your quilting...sewing, quilting or just relaxing with a quilting book or reading a quilting blog.
Until next time,