Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Pillows and pinwheel yo-yo quilt

I made a few yo-yoes to go on my pinwheel quit.
The yo-yo quilt at the end of my bed with the string quilt is one of my favorite quilts...and I have many favorite quilts.
These yo-yoes on my pinwheel quilt add such a happy touch.
This is such a pretty fabric on the back.
I had two nine patches leftover and made a pillow block...soon I will make a pillow.
I purchased two pieces of white cuddle cloth for more pillows. The top two minky pillows are my first attempt on making these cuddle cloth pillows. I had fuzzies everywhere, not only on the sewing table and floor, but also in my nose and eyes. I thought never again, but here I made more. I do enjoy these soft pillows even though they are a pain to sew. The middle rectangle and smaller front pillows are new.
I also finished these two orange pillows from my leftover orange scraps.
Back of the pillows.
The two white pillows between the two pink pillows are also new.
And here's the last new white, fuzy pillow. I got three small pillows out of one yard of fabric, not bad at all. I enjoy switching my pillows around. 
Hope you all are having a good week until the next time,
Millie :)