Monday, January 25, 2016

Pink and red heart quilt

I finished my little red and pink heart quilt. I quilted an allover heart pattern in a very light pink quilting thread.  A scrappy pink and red binding finished off the quilt.
The sweet little heart quilt goes so well with the heart decorations and pillows.
I've also been making more yo yo's, but I am not sure where I'm going to use them, maybe on a quilt or more pillows. 
I have been making so many pink and red pillows and a quilts, so I needed a break and made a small green bunting garland.
With all my quilting, my home especially my quilting room, needed a good cleaning. Most of these nasty dust bunnies came out of my quilting room. 
My quilting table needed some serious organization. I got an old glass jar from the kitchen for the yo yo's.
Every time I do a good cleaning I also like to switch things around. I had all these almost empty spools of longarm thread laying around on my table. I will use these spools on my sewing machine in the future. I found this old flower vase and it's a nice container for the thread.
I see my sewing table is a little open. I received this dust cover with my machine and never used it before. The bins above my table need to be organized...but I did enough cleaning for today(:
And I have a few more unfinished green buntings for a longer garland next to my sewing machine.
I wish I can play all day, but I need to finish a few customer quilts. I have Jana's Kaffe Fasset quilt on my longarm.
Thank you very much for stopping by and I wish you all a wonderful week.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Valentine's day decor

My Christmas decorations are all packed away. My home felt so empty and blah...I definitely have to add something and I think a few Valentines decorations will be perfect. I love the combination of  pink and red. I'm adding a touch of pink and keeping the red pillows and quilts.
My youngest daughter and I made a fast and cute Valentines garland. I bought a pack of felt hearts from Hobby Lobby and ribbon from the dollar store next door. We tied the little hearts with the ribbon and made the cutest Valentines garland. The pink, white and red hearts set the whole mood for my Valentines day decor.
I made a few pink heart pillows to add to the red quilts and pillows. 
It is so easy and inexpensive to change the mood of a room just by adding ribbons, quilts, and pillows. I'm trying my best to decorate for the different seasons by using things in my home and not to go and buy a lot of seasonal decorations. Haha my husband is very fond of this philosophy. There are so many cute ribbons and I can store all my ribbons in one place for the off season.
I also love using silk flowers in different colors. I can move these flowers around in my home without putting them away in storage.
This cream heart wreath on the lamp lights up beautifully in the evening.
A red ribbon with white polka dots wrapped on a plain vine wreath is perfect for Valentines day. I added a $1 Valentines heart. 
Here's another really inexpensive project. On my entry table I placed a glass jar filled with 2 packs of Valentines day heart candy from the dollar with a flame-less candle.
A heart scrapbook paper in a painted frame with 2 little glass hearts with magnets on a wire pear. 
If you like my posts and quilted work, I am currently making a website with all these ideas, pillows, quilts, and kits to share with you all. It's still in the making, but I will let you know when it it publishes!
Thanks for visiting and happy quilting,
Millie :)

Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas quilts, pillows and decorations

I like to share my Christmas quilts, pillows, and decorations...I enjoy decorating for the Christmas season. In the entryway I have a small little Christmas tree, green ribbon wreath, and red pillows I made last year.
I wrapped green ribbon around a Styrofoam wreath which is a very simple, fast, and inexpensive decoration to make. I keep my red and white pillows on the little bench until after Valentine's Day.
I bought this green candle and used it during the fall season with the idea to use it during Christmas too. It was such a mess and so hard to clean the wax...only a small Christmas tree without a candle on the table for this season.
My little Christmas tree has a Santa theme with Santas and his clothes.
This is my Christmas mantel and coffee table.
I changed out the orange leaves and pumpkins for red and green Christmas bulbs.
I replaced my orange painted letters that spelled "fall" with red painted "noel" letters. I bought unfinished wood letters and painted them with craft paint.
I have 3 red and white quilts and a few red and white pillows in the living room. I made all my red and white quilts and pillow with red fabric and decided not to use Christmas fabric. I use these quilts and pillows for Valentine's Day and also during the summer for the 4th of July.
I just finished my small scrappy red and white square quilt just in time to enjoy it during the Christmas season. I would love to make a pink and white quilt for Valentine's Day.
I wish you all a wonderful time and I hope you enjoyed my very simple Christmas home.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Pillows and pinwheel yo-yo quilt

I made a few yo-yoes to go on my pinwheel quit.
The yo-yo quilt at the end of my bed with the string quilt is one of my favorite quilts...and I have many favorite quilts.
These yo-yoes on my pinwheel quilt add such a happy touch.
This is such a pretty fabric on the back.
I had two nine patches leftover and made a pillow block...soon I will make a pillow.
I purchased two pieces of white cuddle cloth for more pillows. The top two minky pillows are my first attempt on making these cuddle cloth pillows. I had fuzzies everywhere, not only on the sewing table and floor, but also in my nose and eyes. I thought never again, but here I made more. I do enjoy these soft pillows even though they are a pain to sew. The middle rectangle and smaller front pillows are new.
I also finished these two orange pillows from my leftover orange scraps.
Back of the pillows.
The two white pillows between the two pink pillows are also new.
And here's the last new white, fuzy pillow. I got three small pillows out of one yard of fabric, not bad at all. I enjoy switching my pillows around. 
Hope you all are having a good week until the next time,
Millie :)