Friday, August 14, 2015

Lots of happy quilts

Thank you all for the lovely comments and for all of you that mentioned that you missed my blog posts. I have not been keeping up with my blog during this busy summer and I want too share all of the beautiful quilts I have worked on. There are so many happy quilts I made and quilted, however I unfortunately lost some of the pictures when I replaced my phone. I know I should always back up my pictures, but I didn't and regret it. :(

I quilted this beautiful pinwheel quilt for Michelle. The little prairie points on the border are such a happy touch.
The next two cute quilts were pieced by Caroline. I would like to eat a fresh strawberry just from looking at the cute strawberry blocks.
The soft yellow backing shows off the quilting pattern "Cafe du Monde" so well.
I quilted the blue and white quilt with " Bubbles" one of my favorite quilting pantos.
Jana loves making flying geese quilts. This is just one of the flying geese quilts I quilted for her. One of these days I am going to make a flying geese quilt myself. It is on my very, very long project to-do list.
I quilted this extremely cute 1930's reproduction quilt for Julie. It will make a nice baby quilt for a precious expected newborn girl.
I absolutely adore 1930's reproduction fabrics. And guess what else is on my project to-do list? This fun yet sophisticated dog pattern. 
My oldest daughter especially appreciates this quilt pattern because she recently received this little guy for her birthday. His name is Rolo, a nine week old Boston Terrier.
 His ears are finally beginning to perk up. Such a cutie!
Here is another beautiful flying geese I quilted for Jana. I love the blue, white, and a little touch of yellow color scheme.
And last but not least, Sally has made a pink and brown charm square quilt. I find it so calming and relaxing to look at, especially the bunny fabric square.
I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer of quilting!