Monday, July 11, 2011

T-shirt Quilts and Bags

 I've been working on so many t-shirt quilts and tops for bags. This is the Sander's quilt I made. I've used the leftover t-shirt logos and put them in the border. This is around a queen sized quilt.
 This is a king sized t-shirt quilt I made for Wendy. I did the same thing and used some of the smaller logos in the border.
 Many of the t-shirts were hand decorated by her and her two boys like this Surf's Up t-shirt.
 Here's another t-shirt quilt I quilted with painted white t-shirts. This quilt was a team effort made by many of  the teachers and personnel of a school for a retiring principal.
 I quilted this quilt for Kayla.
 The last few t-shirt quilts I quilted are from Marjie. This is her son's quilt.
These are t-shirts I quilted for Marjie who so cleverly made them into a duffel bag! 
 Here's some more tops she will transform into bags.
 I really like the color scheme of this soon to be bag.
 Happy Quilting,