Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Finished 16 patch Quilt

 I just finished the binding on my 1930 reproduction 16 patch quilt.  I love washed crinkled quilts and this one crinkled up nicely indeed.
 The backing look so much prettier crinkled up too.
 I quilted my Butterfly String quilt last week, now it just needs a binding.
 I think I am going to use the blue backing for the binding.
 I am so behind in show and tell and would like to share a few quilts I have quilted.
This is Michelle's pretty batik quilt.
 Blue borders.
 Blue batik backing.
 Another blue and green batik quilt - quilted this jelly roll quilt for Cindy.
 Pretty batik backing.
 Marinell's darling scrappy tumbler quilt which I stippled.
 White backing shows the quilting nicely.
 Isn't this a pretty Alice in Wonderland quilt?  I quilted Sally's quilt with Deb's Swirls.
Lots of cute machine embroidery and she designed most of the applique designs.
 I quilted Jana's pretty scrappy quilt with swirls.
 Yellow backing goes so well with all the scraps.
 Another baby quilt I quilted for Jana.
 Matching fairy backing
 And the last quilt I like to show was pieced by Mrs Erskins (92 years young ! ). She is such a talented quilter.
 Plain blue backing
I hope you'll have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

T-shirt quilts

I always have a lot of fun making t-shirt quilts. T-shirt quilts are very popular, especially this time of the year when students are going to college. Each t-shirt quilt has its own personality.
This is a t-shirt quilt I made for Nijia.
We decided on a small teal border followed by a black and teal patchwork print for the outside border, binding and backing. I used a heart and swirl quilting pattern in teal colored thread.
Rhonda's t-shirt quilt was quilted with swirls and it is my favorite pattern for t-shirt quilts.
Sally's t-shirt quilt was quilted with the same swirl pattern called "Deb's Swirls".
Pieced backing.
This is a very heavy t-shirt quilt which I quilted with a stipple.
 Grey border with music  print for the outside border.
 This is why the quilt is very heavy and so durable, the backing is a heavy weight denim fabric.
Hope you all will have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by,

Monday, July 15, 2013

More Strings

 I just finished the binding on my 30's String Quilt. This is definitely going to be one of my favorite quilts. It went through the washer and dryer one time and crinkled up so nicely.
 I used most of the leftover strings from my 30's Disappearing Four patch quilt in this String quilt.
 I love gardening and therefore could not resist using this rose fabric on the back of the string quilt.
 The red binding just pops. I love it.
 While I was watering my potplants, a beautiful blue butterfly came to say "hi". He is on the leftside of the top flower pot.

Isn't it a beautiful butterfly? I don't think it's a coincidence that it came the day before my birthday. :)
 What makes this butterfly moment even more magical is that I started this Butterfly String quilt and began with the machine quilting an hour before I took the pictures.  I found this cute Butterfly tutorial over at Freshlemonsquilts over here. This is the fastest String quilt I have made so far.
 I always have more than one project going on at the same time. I started a Bow Tie quilt in red, pink, green and yellow.
Wishing you all a happy and magical summer,