Saturday, February 27, 2016

Decorating for st. Patrick's day

As you all probably already know, I really enjoy decorating for the seasons without spending so much money on seasonal decorations. I enjoy decorating for the seasons with the seasonal colors. Like for Christmas I love green and red quilts and pillows. For Valentines day I love red and pink quilts and pillows.
So now for St. Patricks day green is the color!
Everything is green!
Recently I discovered my passion for making buntings and how simple it is using my quilters triangle ruler.
Here’s my newest bunting in St. Patrick's day green.
I like to buy unfinished wooden letters from Hobby Lobby and then paint them myself. Here I spelt out the word ‘Luck’ for this seasons decorations.
On the bench is my new green yo-yo pillow.
I flipped over a strip quilt because the back was a nice green color.
My whole entry way for this season.
Another string of green buntings I made really quickly for this season.
Some of you will notice this metal ‘Live’ decoration from Christmas. A painted over it in green for a really inexpesive decoration modification.
Here’s my dollar black frame that I painted over to match the new clover scratch paper picture inside.
Finished green string pillows on my couch with an older quilt with a green backing.
And to finish the day my son made me a huge organic vegetable smoothie. I hope y’all had a nice time looking through my post today.