Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Layer Cake Quilt

I had so much fun quilting my Layer Cake Quilt. Now I just have to make the binding and finish the quilt. I am very pleased at how the quilting turned out.
Matching borders.
I had this huge piece of cream grape fabric for almost five years. Finally, it's in this quilt for the backing.
Close up of grape fabric.
It was fun to make a quilt with a layer cake, jellyroll and coordinating fabrics. But I just couldn't go out and buy all new jelly rolls so I had to make my own from my stash. Most fabrics in this red, white and blue quilt top are very old. The quality on most of these fabrics weren't as good. I just need to add a border to finish it up.
I have plenty more red and blue strips but I'm a bit tired of them. I'm definitely going to wait awhile before I use them again. :)

I quilted this flower top for Christy in NV.
Here's a close up of the flower fabric which she used to design the quilt around.
Purple backing.
This last red and black quilt was made by Marty. This quilt has a black background and black backing so what other color batting could I use then... Black! It helps prevent the white batting from showing through the stitching holes on the back of the quilt.

Multiple borders.

Happy quilting,