Saturday, April 10, 2010

T-shirt Quilts

I love the spring hear the birds singing and to see the trees with the new green leaves.

I have been working on t-shirt quilts now for a few weeks. The first one I quilted was for Betsy which she made for her mother.

I bet you can guess which pattern I used...Deb's Swirls again! It is such a pretty panto on busy quilts and it is not distracting when you quilt over a picture.

I finished the binding on Betsy's quilt while I was watching tv. Bingding and watching tv go so well together and that's why it's something I usually always do. Plus, it keeps me from reaching for a bag of chips!

This Baylor t-shirt quilt was made by Kathy for her son-in-law. Can you believe this is only the second quilt she ever pieced?

The quilt is in the Baylor colors gold sashings and the green border.

A plain stipple is one of my other favorite patterns to quilt a t-shirt quilt with.

Here is Kathy with her daughter. This was the first quilt Kathy made. You can tell Kathy and her daughter are extremely happy with the quilt.

I am working on 3 college t-shirt quilts. The first one I am working on is the UT (University of Texas) longhorn colors...burnt orange and white.

A white and bigger black border will finish the t-shirt quilt.

Happy Quilting!


Barb said...

Those T shirt quilts look wonderful!!

Zlaty said...

Great T-shirt quilts!

You did great quilting ! I sometimes wonder if people buy t-shirts especially for the quilts.
Happy sewing!

Quilt Hollow said...

Hey Millie...your keeping busy over there...a good thing! Everything looks wonderful (as always does!!)

Muddling Through said...

Millie, I was just thinking we hadn't seen you here lately. Good to have you back! And pretty, pretty quilts. You do such beautiful work!

YankeeQuilter said...

Fun T-shirt quilts...I just finished one for a kid that works with my DH. They are more work then they look!

Little Lady Patchwork said...

I just love t-shirt quilts. They always have "a special meaning" for their owners. I also agree with the simple quilting on busy quilts.

Thanks for sharing your work with us!
(previously known as the quilt buddy)

Myra said...

Awesome quilts!! 8-)

Micki said...

The quilts are awesome! I love the T shirt quilts and your quilting is wonderful!

Kathy's daughter, Kathryn said...

Millie, you did such a beautiful job! My husband and I love our quilts that mom made and we appreciate the love you put in to making them such treasures.

Cottage Rose said...

I love the tee shirt quilts,, what a great idea,,,, use the front,or back,,,, love the quilting too...


SueR said...

Those quilts look amazing! I wouldn't have thought you could quilt like that over tee shirts. Can you tell me where you got the Deb's Swirl panto? I really like it.