Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quilts from 2.5" strips

Marjie asked me to quilt 5 quilts for her which she all made from 2.5" strips. These quilts are adorable!

The first 3 quilts are all Chinese Coin quilts with white sashings and borders.

Quilted with the panto Hearts a Flutter. The butterfly and heart backing goes perfectly with all the spring 2.5" strips.

The next teal Chinese Coin quilt is quilted with the panto Pretty Posies.

Teal flower backing.

The last Chinese Coin quilt was made from spring strips and a a few Breast Cancer fabrics. She made the quilt for a friend who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

Cancer Ribbon panto.

A Bright Rail Fence quilt...this is also a good idea to use your 2.5" strips.

Quilted with the Sunny Daze panto.

The pink border frames the quilt nicely.

Pink and brown backing.

Another quilt from 2.5" strips.

I also got the quilting done on Jenny's t-shirt quilt. I am so pleased at how the quilt turned out.

Close up of some of the t-shirt blocks and Bubbles panto.

Zlaty was so kind to think of me and gave me the Beautiful Blogger Award. Thank you so much! If you do have time, please visit her at Zlaty Sews.

I absolutely enjoy making quilts. I love my stash and String Quilts are my favorite!

If you like to pass this award on, please feel free to do so!

Happy Quilting!


Jackie Russell said...

Beautiful quilts and quilting!

Muddling Through said...

Those quilts and your quilting are all so beautiful. Isn't it good to enjoy what you do! I've been surprised at how much I enjoy quilting. I never thought that would be me.

moramargaritaster said...

Those quilts are all beautiful.Well done!!

Diane H said...

Love stopping by to see the quilts you do. They look so great it amazes me everytime how the quilting 'makes' the quilt. Wonderful work, Millie.

Zlaty said...

Hi Millie,

Beautiful quilts! I love the bright springy colors! You picked perfect pantos to quilt the quilts!

Thank you for accepting the Beautiful Bllogger award! You deserve it for inspiring to quilt!

Happy sewing!

HOPE said...

What darling quilts...

and as a Breast Cancer Survivor...just finishing my radiation therapy tomorrow..I can appreciate the BREAST CANCER RIBBON quilting! How wonderful!

First time I have seen this..very touching.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent!


SueR said...

I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the beautiful quilting in your post. I've used that Bubbles panto a couple times and really like it. You must have a tremendous collection of pantographs.

*karendianne. said...

Oh this is a delicious display of quilts and I very much enjoyed the way the quilts were combined with the backing fabric in such a thoughtful way!!! I'm usually so "slap happy" that I never consider it. It makes for such a lovely finish when you put that thought, that finishing tough to it.

Micki said...

All the quilts ande your quilting are amazing!
I relaly enjoyed seeing them all!

Quilter Kathy said...

Fun eye candy on your many wonderful quilts! How cool that there is a ribbon design for cancer quilts.

Myra said...

Awesome quilts and quilting Millie! Your blog is always so full of color with such... 8-)

maria said...

Hello Millie,

I just enjoyed so much to look at all the beautiful quilts that you make.

Those T-shirts quilts look amazing.

You are very talented.

Dandelion Quilts said...

Such beautiful

Zlaty said...

HI Millie, just reading your blog! It';s been 8 months now since your last post! Too long! COme back! :)))