Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas quilts, pillows and decorations

I like to share my Christmas quilts, pillows, and decorations...I enjoy decorating for the Christmas season. In the entryway I have a small little Christmas tree, green ribbon wreath, and red pillows I made last year.
I wrapped green ribbon around a Styrofoam wreath which is a very simple, fast, and inexpensive decoration to make. I keep my red and white pillows on the little bench until after Valentine's Day.
I bought this green candle and used it during the fall season with the idea to use it during Christmas too. It was such a mess and so hard to clean the wax...only a small Christmas tree without a candle on the table for this season.
My little Christmas tree has a Santa theme with Santas and his clothes.
This is my Christmas mantel and coffee table.
I changed out the orange leaves and pumpkins for red and green Christmas bulbs.
I replaced my orange painted letters that spelled "fall" with red painted "noel" letters. I bought unfinished wood letters and painted them with craft paint.
I have 3 red and white quilts and a few red and white pillows in the living room. I made all my red and white quilts and pillow with red fabric and decided not to use Christmas fabric. I use these quilts and pillows for Valentine's Day and also during the summer for the 4th of July.
I just finished my small scrappy red and white square quilt just in time to enjoy it during the Christmas season. I would love to make a pink and white quilt for Valentine's Day.
I wish you all a wonderful time and I hope you enjoyed my very simple Christmas home.


FabricandFlowers said...

Love your red and white quilts. That churn dash is fabulous! Your home looks warm and inviting with all your quilts and pillows.

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

Millie, everything looks wonderful, and you KNOW I like the red! Smart of you to plan so you can use those quilts several different holidays.

Buy Fabric Online said...

I adore your taste, everything are well blended, you can really feel the essence of Christmas with it.