Monday, November 4, 2013

Rail Fence and Chines Coin quilts

 The cooler weather is perfect for bindings. I finished two quilts. My Rail Fence quilt got a blue binding. I am so pleased at how the Rail Fence quilt crinkled up after the first wash. I like 100% cotton batting.
 Here is the other finished quilt, my Go Cutter Strip Chinese Coin quilt.
 I also quilted this jelly roll quilt. I have not decided how I am going to bind this quilt.
Thank you so much for stopping by and happy quilting,


Muddling Through said...

Millie, I love your coins quilt! You are right, it is definitely an "Elaine" quilt. LOL

Now, if I could just master your quilting skills!!

andsewon said...

You are inspiring me to get my GO! out and get busy!!! Sweet quilts!!!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Love the quilts!!

Darlene said...

Two beautiful quilts, Millie. :-)

Design Originals by KC said...

Love your 2 finishes and that near finish is awesome... neat to see washed and not washed in the same post :) I just finished a quilt and love how it wrinkled up.. I always use cotton batting but this time tried cotton and bamboo and love the light weight and warmth it provides and hand quilted easily if you ever wanna venture into something different. I think a light blue or white would be a nice binding for that scrappy busy quilt... :) Can't wait to see what you choose though :) A quilt usually tells you what it likes! lol Kathi

Angie said...

Gorgeous---these blue quilts are just gorgeous. :)

Chris H said...

Gorgeous quilts Millie!