Sunday, September 11, 2011

Snapshot, Antique quilt and more

 I hope you all are having a great summer. I am so ready for fall, we are having such a warm and dry summer  here in Texas. With my kids back in school again, I had time to do a lot of sewing for myself.  I quilted one of my UFO's, this is my youngest daughter's purple and blue Snapshot quilt.  She picked out the fabrics and the quilting pattern.  I am very pleased  how the quilt turned out after the quilting.
 Now from a very fast sewing top, to an old antique quilt.  It could easily have taken days or months to hand sew the top.
 I took a picture of the back of the top to show the hand sewing. A lady from Yerington, NV asked me to quilt this old beauty.  She had this top  for a few years and never got to the quilting.
 The fabric is so pretty.  I admired the 1930's prints for a long time.
 Look at the pretty scalloped border. I am sure it is going to be a challenge to finish the binding.
 From an old flowery quilt to a new Turnover quilt from Marrinell. All these pretty precut fabric makes quilting so much faster.
 I quilted this Basket quilt for my friend Shirley. The green fabric squares showcase the basket blocks nicely.
 And the last quilt,  Jan's Star quilt in fall fabic. She loves black and uses it in every quilt.
 The backing is black too.
 I am so sorry for not blogging and reading blogs in a long time. On a positive note, I have been quilting a lot and made a lot of quilts.  Can't wait to show more in the next posting.
Happy Quilting  


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Millie! I am in love with your work! Your daughter's quilt is beautiful. and I just love the 30's quilt. She will flip when she sees it! Great work as always!

Terry said...

It's always a pleasure to see the beautiful quilts you work your magic on Millie! These are all just lovely! :0)

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Oh how pretty they all are! Fantastic 30's quilt - thank you for showing the back, too many quilters don't take the time to press and present the back as much as the front. Thank you for sharing.

Elzaan said...

Die snap shot quilt is baie oulik. Die kleure wat jou kind gekies het werk baie goed saam.
Jou kwiltwerk is soos gewoonlik uit die boonste rakke!

Muddling Through said...

Oh, Millie, it's so good to see you! You know I love those 1930's fabrics, and the quilt is beautiful. I cannot even imagine how long it took to make that one. I like your daughter's quilt, too. Modern and happy, good colors, too. And your quilting is, as always, magnificent! what a nice bunch of beautiful quilts! Thanks for sharing them.

*karendianne. said...

What lovely work. It's a real pleasure to see you. Thinking of you always, *karendianne.

krisgray said...

You have been B-U-S-Y! THanks for showing us all the quilts. I "oohhed" and "aahhed" through the whole post.

Quilt Hollow said...

I've been thinking I needed to call you since I hadn't heard from you in so long! I was hoping everything was okay on the homefront with no worries there. Then I remembered you had a computer is good to see you here Millie. You were missed and as always awesome quilting!!!

Zlaty said...

HI Millie,

I haven't blog too much either, but I have been thinking about you! Good too see you are very busy! You did some awesome projects! How inspiring is your job to quilt so many pretty quilts!


SewCalGal said...

What beautiful quilts and quilting Millie. Love tem all.


julieQ said...

Such gorgeous quilting! I especially love the quilting on the hexagon really goes well with the quilt. Ready for some more from me??