Monday, August 2, 2010

Cheerful Quilts

I hope you had a great weekend and had time to quilt.
The last 3 quilts I quilted are all so cheerful. This batik quilt was pieced by Ardy which I quilted with the "Meandering Daisies".
This is the center of the quilt.
Batik border.

Pink backing.
This is another one of Ardy's. It is a sampler quilt with teal, blue, and heart fabric(the lighter colored fabric). So I quilted it with "Hearts A Flutter" to tie that fabric in.

Vibrant striped backing.
Christy made this striking quilt out of her very last blue and white scraps. The quilting pattern was "Flower Swirls".
Close up of pieced border.
Scrappy blue and white blocks. I've always thought that blue and white color combos are so classically beautiful.

Blue flower backing.
Lake Jackson, TX just keeps getting hotter. But what's worse is the humidity! Our little Max can still barely stand a potty break outside. Some more news on Max: the vet recomended some special formula weight management food that he's now on.

Happy Quilting Until Next Time,
Millie :-}


Muddling Through said...

Oh, poor Max! He looks like I feel. It IS hot.

Those quilts are all so pretty. The never-ending creativity of quilters just amazes me, and as always - your beautiful quilting just makes them that much prettier!

Darlene said...

It's been a very HOT summer - poor Max!

The quilts are lovely, Millie.

Mad Quilter said...

The quilts are beautiful. Your quilting is wonderful,brings the quilts to life.

Carol said...

The quilts are all gorgeous.

Hope Max gets to enjoy fall weather soon :)

Quilt Hollow said...

Beautiful quilting as always Millie! Please check my blog entry today and then go might win a prize!!

Gari said...

Beautiful quilting. How nice that you get to quilt such happy quilts.

One of my dogs goes outside and lays down until the other dog does her business. The first one only does what she is out there for early in the morning and late at night. She is the smart one, I think.

Pat said...

Awww...poor Max...sweating with the heat and then being told he's on a special diet food!!! Love the quilts you quilted for your customers.

Barb said...

Oh wow, you are right...such cheerful quilts.

Julia said...

As always, beautiful quilts and quilting..

Zlaty said...

Hi Millie,

Poor Max can use some cooler weather! Today is nice and cool here.

I love the first batik quilt! I can see how much fun you had!

momtofatdogs said...

When my fat dog, Chelsea, was alive. I very much overendulged her. At one time she weighed 120 pounds. On a Bassett Hound. That was not good. The vet had me put her on a the weight control dog food by Eukanuba (probably spelled that wrong)That food was over a $1 per pound. Poor fat dog thought she was being punished! But the weight DID come off. It took 2 and a half years to get 45 pounds off her. She was like a new dog after that. She just wasn't strong enough to combat cancer. (Ack! Don't get me crying!) Anyway........the weight will come off him - but expect it to be slow. Dogs metabolisms (sp?) just are not like people's - even with exercise.


PS - I think it's MORE humid here in TN. Down right sweltering.

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

Beautiful quilts! I love the quilting designs. Every time I visit, I want to buy a longarm machine. :)

Tam said...

Your customers make the most gorgeous quilts and then you do the most gorgeous quilting on them.
I think Max needs a swimming pool...poor Max

Micki said...

Those are such pretty quilts!
I loved them all! Where did you get th pattern for th first pink quilt?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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